Seikimatsu Occult Academy

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Seikimatsu Occult Academy

Post by Admin on Fri Jan 20, 2012 9:40 am

Seikimatsu Occult Academy

In 1999, Pyramid Matsushiro in Japan rises to private school Varutoshutain.
In this occult phenomenon was continuously drawn to you like something.
Therefore, "School occult" is called.
The president put the study of occult life, and trying to daily academic and research students.
President father died one day to visit the institute's daughter Maya gods hate the occult. Then in 2012 came from would say, "Time Agent" Uchida civilization and discover a reputation as a former boy spoon bending. While a variety of strange phenomena encountered in school happen, truth will be revealed gradually in 1999 and has slipped civilization.

Seikimatsu Occult Academy English Subbed Mediafire Links

Episode 01: MAYA's Prophecy
Episode 02: The advent of BUNMEI
Episode 03: MIKAZE blows through
Episode 04: The collapse of BUNMEI
Episode 05: KOZUE in the summer
Episode 06: BUNMEI's distance
Episode 07: MAYA's amigo
Episode 08: Mamma AMI~ya!
Episode 09: AKARI of Snow
Episode 10: AKARI of fireplace
Episode 11: MAYA's death
Episode 12: A thousand wind, the search for beauty
Episode 13: MAYA's BUNMEI

Specials English Sub Mediafire

SP02: Getting Along With Tsucchi
SP03: Our Good Friend Tsucchi
SP04: You Can Do It Tsucchi!
SP05: Farewell Tsucchi

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Re: Seikimatsu Occult Academy

Post by RustySky on Sat Jan 21, 2012 9:35 pm

Thanks Pal...

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